Four senses Multisensory Concerts 1999

POSTED IN: Live performance, Portfolio Wednesday May 5, 2010

The multisensory concerts in 1999 and 2002, with a symphony orchestra, were an experiment inĀ reframingĀ  perception of music. The correspondences that I established between sound/silence and colour/light/dark were to create systems and structures as a way of negotiating reflective and subjective connections between sensory experiences.

In the 1999 series I felt that one of the best ways of experiencing music is to stand in stand in amongst the violins and feel it in the body so I placed the audience in and around the orchestra. I used complimentary colours and afterimages, and programmed lighting states. I interrelated the colours and fragrances to the music using 7 colours and 7 fragrances. In determining the fragrances I used information about the composer’s life, the history of the time and place it was written, the intention, the number, length, and theme of mov ements, the proportion of orchestra used in playing the piece, rhythmic statements and structure…and whatever felt to me to be complete.

Presentation Four Senses 1999 : Intersenses and New Technologies, Marseille, 2000.