Synopsis : Raewyn Turner’s short film Lucky  begins with the filmmaker’s heartfelt wish to create a magic potion for ‘luck’. She asks herself, “Can I find a way to influence chance”?  What follows is a charming, whimsical, funny and at times astounding journey to discover a contemporary talisman that can be artfully bottled and procured by everyone to banish the experience of losing…forever. The footage is a clever witty blend of interviews and potion making that scans across themes such as biotechnology, clover research, problem gambling, random jackpots and the marketing of desire.

Documentation : Artists Presentation GA2006.

Published in : ART IN THE BIOTECH ERA Melentie Pandilovski, Editor. Pub: The Experimental Art Foundation

Screened on Triangle Stratos TV, NZ Documentary,  September 3rd 2010

Supported by The Screen Innovation Production Fund