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Indications is an extension of the music translations used in Four Senses 2002.  The video was exhibited in combination with a translation of music to chocolate in The New Zealand National Exhibit of Performance Art/Design in the 11thPrague Quadrennial of Scenography and theatre Architecture 2007 (PQ07). The video was framed by a tunnel of Belgian chocolate situated at nose level.

Nodding the head to describe a piece of music  : Brahms Hungarian Dances 10,  also refers to Bulwer’s  ‘Darling virgin  Philosophie of Gesture’ seventeenth-century  research in ‘The  Naturall language of the Head’.  “In his Cephatologia, he offered a comprehensive description of the operation of the ten different ‘significant  muscles’.which controlled its various expressive features—for example , the muscle which moves the whole head (nodding); those which govern the entire face (smiling and laughter); and others which regulate the forehead, eyelids, eyes and ears’. Bulwer, Chirilogia, ‘To the Reader’, Pathomyotomia,. Ree, J ‘I See a Voice’

Indications featured in PQ07 documentation video

Indications \’ Selected for MuVi 2007 International Foundation Artecittà MuVi, Granada, Spain