Cycle Engines

POSTED IN: Portfolio, Video Wednesday October 10, 2010

Cycle Engines excerpt

Sourced from my paintings on d’oillies and embroidered household linens. The geometrical rhythms of the embroideries have been elaborated in digital form linking multiplicities of consciousness from different times and places

Sound composition by Eddie Rayner was made from 8 cycles of  musical scales, heard only where the cycles cross as in interference patterns.

“ pattern and interweave, not unlike that of Maori or other Oceanic cultures, suggests linkage and continuum; sustained intuition; descent and kinship; and unity in Spirit…”

( Don Binney- The Call of The Wild Goose, Exploring Celtic Spirituality)

MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART LOS ANGELES, November. Freewaves 7th Festival of Experimental Media. Los Angeles. Video:Cycle Engines

ST@RT_UP: new interactive media, Te Papa Museum of New Zealand, Wellington, July 2002 -Jan 2003. Video: Cycle Engines, Water