Fragrant Earth

POSTED IN: Olfactory, Portfolio Tuesday October 10, 2010

Environmental Installation @ Tawharanui Regional Park, March 2010

Twenty three data points filled with fragranced soil are plotted on the graph of a Phillips curve in a 13m x 47m paddock of Tawharanui.

The original simple PhillipsCurve plotted the relationship between the rate of inflation and the unemployment rate between the years 1861 – 1957.  Views on the relative importance of unemployment and inflation heavily influence the policy advice that economists give to policymakers and Governments. Economics are very relevant to the landscape because of the pastoral land use which continues to drive New Zealand’s economy.

The larger-scale  social,  environmental , cultural and ethical consequences of engineering the landscape into the grid system of fields and front yards in the mid 1800’s, can be  experienced  in the cipher of the smell that now envelops us.

The fragrances in the soil reference D. Merrit’s poem:  ‘Curious diets of the poor, down trodden and the so called mentally ill’

Large pepsi max and big tins of tuna

Listerine and caramello chocolate

Free range eggs, oranges and heroin

Pork bones and basmati rice

Single malt whiskey with ripple cut sour cream potato chips

Hastily microwaved steak and cheese pies with bournvita

Curiously strong peppermints and 2 minute noodles

Over boiled cabbage on extra thick white bread toast

Tetrapak custard, chocolate fish and pineapple lumps

Cans of fruit salad and low alchohol beer

Fried white flour and water mix, topped with strawberry jam

Roasted mutton flap with low calorie spearmint chewing gum

Hydroponic skunk marijuana and budget tinned spaghetti

Lime flavoured dairy food and malt biscuits

Hot water, soy sauce, sugar and marmite

Badly mashed potato mixed with more badly mashed potato

Instant macaroni mix and yesterdays left over muffins

Stewed cooking apples and edible wax birthday candles.

David Merrit