The World Is a Construction

POSTED IN: Objects, Portfolio Wednesday October 10, 2010
  • Unwearables

Unwearables ( fabric, hand made beading, smell) I made these constructions from found items which had been stored in boxes during the Great Depression in Australia between World War One and World War Two. When opened, the boxes which were sealed and glued over with magazine pages revealed buttons saved from shoes, fuse wire, pieces of string,  reels of silk thread, hand made glass bead fringing from women’s dresses, used hand-made lace collars and cuffs, beaded silk chiffon and satin remnants.

I re-used these fragments to make a disintegrating artifact which directly references our own times.

Their  fragility and small size (8)  indicate that they’re not intended for wearing. Each piece has its own unique fragrance especially created for it.